Chiosco London is hosted at the ground floor of the Commonwealth House, an emblematic Art Deco building originally designed by architect and planner Henry Philip Cart De Lafontaine in 1939.

The brief called for a space that reflects the client’s identity and at the same time settles well in the context. The basement and ground floor levels are dedicated to bar & dining, while the mezzanine hosts the NHVR fashion boutique.

Our proposal aims to create an explosive experience where elements from the building’s nostalgic character are interweaved with vibrant  industrial concepts in order to unfold a contrasting narrative and to celebrate the programmatic fusion of the project.

Project: Chiosco Mediterranean bar

Typology: Retail, Interior

Location: London, UK

Status: In Progress

Chiosco London collage.jpg
Material test 01.jpg
Material test 02.jpg
r2 copy.jpeg