After completing ______ Andrea studied ___ at ___ and completed his studies in ___ at the Architectural Association in London.

He gained invaluable experience working with a number of award winning architectural practices ___. The practice has since enjoyed acclaim for a series of projects including ____

Andrea is ___ and enjoys___.






After studying in Italy and France, Gabriele graduated from Sapienza University in Rome.  He later moved to London where he completed a Master’s degree in Emergent Technologies & Design at the Architectural Association, focusing on computational strategies , form-finding and performance-oriented design.  

Gabriele previously worked as a  design architect with Mario Cucinella in Bologna on projects developed in the context of Expo Milan 2015, and then in SOM London, where he was primarily engaged in the transformation project of Corso Italia 23 in Milan from concept to further stages.

His interest in the different forms of experiencing the built environment intends to explore new forms of people interaction and experimental program identities  challenging the perception of architecture within the urban environment.


Born and raised in Greece, Georgios acquired his degree in Architectural Engineering from Athens Polytechnic (N.T.U.A.) and expanded his studies abroad at The Glasgow School of Art, focusing on digital culture and design.

Georgios previously worked at Stallan-Brand in Scotland, focusing mainly in education and housing projects. Since joining SOM in 2016, Georgios has been part of  many large-scale residential projects, high-rise office buildings and award-winning competitions.

His main fields of expertise include material research, landscape design, interiors & graphic design.



After graduating from Cornell University with a professional degree in architecture, Mauricio has been an integral part of SOM, working in various scales and projects across US, Europe and the Middle-East.

Currently based in London, Mauricio has a keen interest in material, tectonics & placemaking. He is also a LEED-certified member of the US Green Building Council and recipient of numerous awards

(Charles Goodwin Sands Memorial Bronze Medal, Cornell Council for the Arts 2013, IAKS Bronze Medal 2015, Golden Shovel 2016 Award as part of Stanford University's MBA competition team).












Originally from Italy, Piero studied in Palermo (Unipa), Vilnius (VGTU) and Paris (ENSAPM), before moving to London, where he acquired an MArch in Sustainable Environmental Design from the Architectural Association School of Architecture .

He worked at SOM in London as a senior designer where he was engaged in large_scale projects at stages of construction and concept design as well as competitions. Having acquired a solid education in sustainable design, he was also involved in the HPD (High Performance Design) group and in the Sustainability group of SOM.

Piero’s design approach is inspired by context and performance. In his free time Piero enjoys a range of activities including travelling and sketching stories.